Schuette Announces July Consumer Protection Programs


Attorney General Bill Schuette is today encouraging Michigan residents toregister for and learn more about the programs offered by his office in their community. The Department of Attorney Generals Consumer Protection Division offers a variety of seminars aimed to keep Michigan consumers safe and informed. Programs concerning identity theft, phone, mail and e-scams, online safety, investment fraud, home repair and improvement and in-home care and senior residences are available.

There are 26 events planned for July and the details of each event can be found on the Department of Attorney Generalwebsite. All events are open to the public and require that you contact the venue to RSVP prior to the event. You can also request a Consumer Protection Education Presentation by submitting anonline request form.

The following is a list of available programs:

  • Home Repair and Improvement- Learn the telltale signs of home repair scams, unscrupulous contractors, and how to navigate the home improvement process.
  • Identity Theft- Learn about the signs of identity theft, how to protect your personal information online and off, and what to do if you become an identity theft victim.
  • In-Home Care and Senior Residences- Learn about resources available to help you make the best decisions regarding care for yourself or your loved ones at home or in a senior residence.
  • Investment Fraud- Learn how to recognize fraudulent investments and obtain objective facts about reverse mortgages and annuities. Also provides information on how to investigate both the seller and the product before investing.
  • Online Safety- Learn how to protect your devices, money, and personal information while online. Also provides information on how to avoid common and emerging online scams.
  • Phone, Mail and e-Scams- Learn the telltale signs of scams prevalent in phone calls, mail, email, and texts, along with steps to take to minimize your risk of being victimized.

Consumer Protection Program Background

In 2015, there were over 730 Consumer Education programs that educated over 15,000 consumers. This year alone the Attorney Generals Consumer Protection Division has held over 340 events educating over 8,300 consumers.

Additionally, the Department of Attorney General is dedicated to protecting children across the state of Michigan through programs like OK2SAY and CSI (Cyber Safety Initiative). With programs specifically tailored to each grade level, Michigan students are inspired to share and respond to student safety threats. In 2016 alone OK2SAY and CSI programs have had over 100,000 attendees.

Register for a Consumer Education Presentation

Consumer Education Presentations are available for your group, club or class on the topics outlined above.

To register your site for a presentationplease complete the online registration form. You may alsoprint out a copy of the registration formand submit via mail to the following address:

Michigan Department of Attorney General

Consumer Protection Division

PO Box 30213

Lansing, MI 48909