Would you give up cheese to eliminate your student loan debt? Survey says many borrowers would

CLEVELAND, Ohio - College graduates would do crazy things -- including starring in a porn video or contracting Zika -- to erase their student loan debt, according to an unscientific survey.

Studentloans.netsurveyed 500student loan borrowersin June, asking them what insanethings graduates would do to free themselves from their student loans.

Here are the results:

85 percent would give up smoking marijuana for life.

83.8 percent would stop watching Game of Thrones.

83.4 percent would give up bagels for life.

77.4 percent would give up Snapchat.

76 percent would give up lunch meats for life.

62.2 percent would star in a short porn video.

61.4 percent would give up cheese for life.

58.4 percent would wear Crocs for the next 10 years.

57.8 percent would have a one hour conversation with a Comcast customer service representative everyday for the next 5 years.

57.6 percent would vote for Donald Trump.

56.2 percent would vote for Hillary Clinton.

50 percent would jump into a gorilla cage.

42.8 percent would give up toilet paper, and moist wipes, for the next 5 years.

42.6 percent would hookup with Caitlyn Jenner.

30.6 percent would give up sex for the next 10 years

26.8 percent would contract the Zika Virus

8.8 percent would give back their degree.

7.8 percent would move to North Korea for the next 10 years.

The survey was similar to one done in February byLendEDU,an online company that provides information on financial aid, student loans and loan refinancing.

What would you do to erase your student loan debt?

The Class of 2016 graduated with more student loan debt than any class in history, said studentloans.net. About 70 percent of graduates have debt and the average amount owed is around $35,000.

According to theAmerican Student Assistance, student loan debt is causing 43 percent of graduates to delay starting a family, 29 percent of graduates to put off marriage, 73 percent of graduates to put off retirement, and 75 percent of graduates to put off purchasing a home, the website said.