Working Cooperatively to Conserve Private Lands

Salmon are at the heart of the culture and economy of Southwest Alaska.
Southwest Alaska is home to a diverse and abundant array of fish and wildlife that has supported Native cultures for thousands of years.  Set in a dramatic wilderness landscape, the region's pure waters teem with millions of wild salmon and trout.

Fish are at the heart of Southwest Alaska, forming the basis for the ecology, economy, and culture.  Nowhere else in the world do such robust fisheries flourish supporting subsistence, commercial and sport fishing.  The abundance of fish over such a grand area is unrivaled. 

The Southwest Alaska Salmon Habitat Partnership is...
An unincorporated association of local communities, Native organizations, subsistence users, anglers, hunters, commercial fishing interests, lodge owners, hunting and fishing guides, tourism interests, non-profit organizations, federal, state, and local agencies and corporations and foundations working cooperatively to conserve fish, wildlife and habitat and perpetuate the uses they support through voluntary habitat conservation in Southwest Alaska. 

The Partnership is...
Locally and regionally based, driven by grassroots partners
Focused on protection, restoration and enhancement in key watersheds
Non-regulatory and voluntary
Science based
Linked nationally
Sustainable and accountable

The Partnership is...
One of several Alaska-based partnerships recognized as part of the National Fish Habitat Plan. The Southwest Alaska Salmon Habitat Partnership - Strategic Conservation Action Plan for Bristol Bay Watersheds (2011) governs our work.

You can support the work of the Partnership by making a donation to The Conservation Fund. Please specify that your donation is to benefit the Southwest Alaska Salmon Habitat Initiative in the "Additional Information" section of the on-line form.



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